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From Australia to Banjaluka for cataract surgery

July 12, 2018


The number of travels motivated by the need for high-quality medical services is increasing steadily. The ophthalmologist in Bosnia and Herzegovina record more and more patients coming from abroad. Example of a patient, 0who came from Australia for a cataract surgery at the Clinic Svjetlost in Banja Luka shows, once again that the distance plays no part when it comes to health.

Mr Raymond had an issue with his eyes for a longitme, which significantly influenced his everyday quality of life. The most important fact about his arrival is that his wife's origin is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. So, she could testify that medical services in Banja Luka are at a high level.

In Australia, he would have to wait for up to two years for appointing a term for the operation, while the appointment in Banja Luka was scheduled much faster. In addition, the difference in the cost of the operation is huge. In his country, it would cost him about 4 000 AUS!

The operation was successfully performed, as well as postoperative control, and Dr Kozomara was pleased to note that everything is now fine with his eyes.


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Brace Potkonjaka 2, Banja Luka, Bosna i Hercegovina

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