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Laser vision correction - 10 major misconceptions

July 15, 2018


When it comes to any activity which is connected to eyes, we are suspicious and we cautiously look at every information. The Internet has allowed the explosion of information, so for the laser vision correction, you can find a huge number of different, often completely opposite, information. Over the time many misconceptions appeared, we bring you the 10 most common ones.

1. Laser vision correction is uncertain
Today, laser removal of dioptre is the most commonly performed elective (i.e. it is done at the patient's request) procedure in medicine. With state-of-the-art technology, the security level of such operations is over 95%, which is actually the world's highest standard. The reason is the fact that that there is no possibility of complications which can damage the vision. According to research, the risk for infections or any other potential complications in laser surgery is 100,000 times lower than in the daily placement of contact lenses.

2. It is not possible to remove astigmatism (cylinders)
As the laser correction actually remodels the cornea, with dioptre, at the same time, all the abnormalities of the cornea, including cylinders, are removed.

3. There is only one method of dioptre removal
There is no universal method to remove dioptre, but it is rather adapted to each patient individually. The choice of the method depends solely on the anatomy of the eye, the dioptre, and the patient's lifestyle habits. Today, the method of selection in over 95% of cases is the LASIK method, in about 5% PRK, and the other techniques (Epi-LASIK and LASEK) are modifications of the previous two methods. For those patients who are not eligible candidates for laser vision correction, dioptre corrections are recommended by implantation of pharynx intraocular lenses (pIOL).

4. After an operation, dryness of the eye remains permanent
After laser surgery, an intensified eye dryness of 6 weeks is eased by using artificial tears. According to the latest studies, complete ejaculation of the eye was completed after 3 months, and 99% of patients had no symptoms.

5. The laser vision correction is painful
There is absolutely no pain during the operation. The patient can feel only a slight burning sensation. The best method for the least irritation is the LASIK, today's most modern method of removing dioptre.

6. Laser surgery does not remove low dioptres
Laser vision correction is done on all refractive errors of the eye, regardless of the size of the dioptre.

7. After the procedure, the dioptre returns
The results of laser removal of dioptre are permanent in 98% of cases. Only in case, of extremely high dioptres some dioptre can return, but returned dioptres are significantly lower. However, even in these cases, if people have done the procedure in the last 10 years, it is possible to repeat the procedure without additional risk for the eye.

8. Laser vision correction should be done after childbirth
Eye changes in pregnancy are rare and most changes in dioptre are temporary, and they return to the previous condition with normalization of hormonal status. Experience has shown that women who performed laser dioptre removal during pregnancy do not have an increased risk of dioptre return or any other related problems.

9. Laser removal of dioptres is just for those with "deep pockets"
If we calculate the cost of carrying and replacing lenses, buying liquids, changing glasses, and so on, we come to the conclusion that the operation, if we regard the longer period of time, is actually perfect way to save money.

10. LASIK is not for people over 40 years of age
Years are not a limiting factor for laser vision correction, but ageing can increase the risk of developing other eye-related diseases.


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