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Ceramic facets or veeners - are you a candidate?

July 23, 2018


Aesthetic dentistry is progressing more and more every day. Complete transformations really can leave you breathless. One of the most frequently used services for quick and effective aesthetic results are ceramic facets or veneers, because they represent less invasive method than non-metallic ceramic crowns.

The main reason why patients chose ceramic facets in relation to ceramic crowns is the fact that the teeth grinding is much less and it damages only the outer surface of the teeth. In addition, when it comes to aesthetics, with veneers the sky is the limit. The ability of non-metallic ceramics to ideally conduct light makes it possible to make ceramic facets of a completely natural outlet, such way that they do not differ from natural teeth.

If you are not sure are you the right candidate for this service, we provide basic information.

What are ceramic facets or veneers?
Ceramic facets are thin flakes that cover the front surface of the teeth. In some situations, it can cover a smaller or larger part of the inner or side surfaces of the teeth. Ceramic veneers are made of non-metallic ceramic systems, which can give high aesthetic results, without any loss of resistance in the mouth. They are manufactured in a dental laboratory with a pre-technique or computerized CAD-CAM technology.

Who are eligible candidates?
Ideal candidates have all teeth, do not have crowns. In the event that a tooth is missing, the casing must be accessed, and then the bridge on the tooth adjacent, i.e., the one on which the ceramic facets will be placed. It is not possible to install a dental facet on the tooth previously crowned by the crown. In practice, it is often a combination of facets and crowns. Of course, a detailed examination determines whether the veneers are the right choice for the patient, and special attention is paid to oral health, in particular to the health of the gums and jaw. If a patient has problems, it must first be solved, and only after that, the veneers installation can be done.

How does process look like?
In this procedure, detailed consultations with the doctor are crucial, since the installation of ceramic facets is very personalized, and therefore sensitive. A detailed plan is made at the first consultation, considering the current state of the teeth and the patient's desire regarding aesthetics. After that, taking a photo and calculating the right proportions for an ideal smile follows. For this reason, this procedure involves at least two visits, and the exact number of visits depends on the condition of the patient, or the number of needed veneers.


  • Due to the extreme precision of the production in the CAD-CAM machine or in the office, the facets are ideally attached to the tooth-carrier and look as if they are a natural part. In doing so, there is no irritant effect of the material itself (non-metallic ceramics) on soft tissues.
  • They require a minimum reduction of the teeth, i.e. enamel, about 0.5 mm.
  • With extremely yellow teeth, the colour of the teeth can be successfully changed (with a large number of different shades available, which patient can choose regarding his personal desires and facial and tooth characteristics)
  • A quick and easy way to fix minor irregularities in the form of teeth, to cove teeth damage and to extend short teeth.
  • The huge aesthetic effect for a short time.
  • It does not take time for recovery, and when you follow a few basic precautions, you can return to your daily tasks.


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