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Trends in the field of aesthetic surgery

August 23, 2018


In order to be able to predict future trends, as accurately as possible, it is best to look at the data showing the trends in the previous years. An interesting survey, published by ISAPS (International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery), gives a n insight into trends in 2016. This company collects significant data every year, by sending surveys to over 35 000 surgeons from more than 106 countries.

We bring you the most important data of the research.

The most interesting fact to us is that almost 14% of all operations were done by men. It turns out that men increasingly chose these types of surgeries, which gives us the right to expect an increasing number of operations in the next year. The stigma of plastic surgery slowly but surely disappears.

The Most Popular Procedures for Men in 2016
Regarding non-surgical operations, neurotoxic protein treatment, with 650,550 operations in 2016, is strongly in the first place (which was also the case one year earlier). The five most popular surgical operations for men around the world were blepharoplasty (286,418), gynecomastia (236,371), rhinoplasty (217,152), liposuction (213,992) and hair transplantation (116,487). Given that the same operations were top 5 in 2015, we can expect their popularity in the coming period.

As for percentage growth, male neurotoxic protein treatment increased by 4% in 2016, in response to 2015. And the first five surgical procedures (combined) increased by 7%.

With confidence, we can expect even more growth in the coming period, as it is obvious that men feel more comfortable with going to a plastic surgeon.

When it comes to women, the fastest growing trend is labiaplasty, considering that in 2016 the number of these operations increased by 45% (compared to 2015).

After that, there are more and more popular procedures of "upper and lower body lifts" lately, because, although the procedures for the removal of excess fat and skin (liposuction, raising of the buttocks, breast augmentation, etc.) have been popular for years, only recently plastic surgeons started to combine all these services in packages.

Numbers show a remarkable trend, which resulted in almost 30% more procedures.

Breast augmentation
About 16% of all surgeries in women is breast enlargement. This data is logical, given its constant popularity for years. The only difference is in the type of implant. The use of "saline" implants is a slight decrease, while the use of the most popular "silicon" implants is in even greater growth.

In the end, always popular rhinoplasty (nose correction) remains one of the most popular procedures around the world.

In general, due to the popularization of aesthetic plastic surgery regarding men population and because of the information availability, the cosmetic surgeries are predicted with constant growth in years to come. Also, the medical tourism trend will get stronger, because more and more people testify about their positive experience, so medical travels start to have more important part in the travel industry. People start to plan their vacations around the medical services, especially in the area of cosmetic surgery. The reason is appearance of huge number of high quality clinics around the globe, and enormous price difference, which makes it pay off to travel even for few thousand miles. 


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